Model 17 grenade

The Model 17 Eierhandgranate ("Egg grenade") is a small defensive and offensive hand grenade which was used by Germany during World War I. The average soldier could throw it 40 meters or farther. It was more portable than the heavier Kugelhandgranate and less awkward to handle than the Stick grenade. The body of the grenade was initially smooth and thus difficult to hold so the design was modified with the addition of a raised band to provide better grip.

A similar grenade called the Model 39 grenade was later introduced by Germany and used in World War II.

Country Name Origin Year
Germany 1916
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Germany 1916 View
Austria-Hungary View

Type Hand grenade
Place of origin German Empire
Service history
In service 1916-?
Used by German Empire
Wars World War I
Production history
Produced 1916-?
Weight 318 g (0.701 lb)
Length 6 cm (2.4 in)
Diameter 4.6 cm (1.8 in)
Filling Gun powder, aluminium and barium nitrate mixture
Filling weight 32g
Friction, 5 seconds

End notes