IAR-93 Vultur

The Avioane Craiova IAR-93 Vultur (Vulture) is a twin-engine, subsonic, close support, ground attack and tactical reconnaissance aircraft with secondary capability as low level interceptor. Built as single-seat main attack version or combat capable two-seat version for advanced flying and weapon training, it was developed as a joint Yugoslav-Romanian project in the 1970s for the air forces of both nations. The Romanian aircraft were built by I.R.Av. Craiova as IAR-93, and its Yugoslav counterpart by Soko as the Soko J-22 Orao. For Romania, the IAR-93 was intended to replace MiG-15s and MiG-17s in the fighter-bomber role.

IAR-93 Vultur
Class Aircraft
Type Attack
Manufacturer Avioane Craiova
Production Period 1975 - 1992
Origin Romania
Country Name Origin Year
Romania 1974
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Romania 1998 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Avioane Craiova 1975 1992 88 View

On May 20, 1971, Romania and Yugoslavia signed the governmental agreements for the YuRom R&D programme. The program managers were Dipl. Dr. Engineer Teodor Zamfirescu for the Romanian party and Colonel Vidoje Knezevic for the Yugoslav party.

The requirements called for a light subsonic aircraft for ground attack and tactical reconnaissance missions and with low level air combat as a secondary capability. It was to be built on a simple structure, using locally produced equipment and avionics (but compatible with western components), tough (able to operate on grass or damaged runways), easy to maintain and reliable. The aircraft was of conventional twin-engine, high mounted wing monoplane configuration with all flying surfaces swept. The Rolls-Royce Viper was chosen as the powerplant, as SOKO had experience with licence-building this engine. It was originally intended that an afterburner would be developed for the Viper engines, but there were prolonged difficulties with this project, meaning that none of the pre-production aircraft featured it, and neither did early production examples. During the 1980s, both countries developed slightly different versions to take advantage of the afterburning engines that had since become available.

Role Ground attack aircraft

Low level interceptor
Manufacturer Avioane Craiova
Design group INCAS Romania

VTI Yugoslavia
First flight October 31, 1974
Introduction 1979
Retired April 9, 1998
Primary user Romanian Air Force
Produced 1975-1992
Number built 88
Variants Soko J-22 Orao

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