Allied Democratic Forces

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is a rebel group opposed to the Ugandan government and is considered a terrorist organisation. It is based in western Uganda with rear bases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It began as a minor group in the forested Ruwenzori mountain range along the border in 1996, but expanded its activities over the next several years. As of 2004, the ADF had been largely destroyed by the Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF). Remnants fled to Eastern DRC where they established camps in Mwalika, Bundiguya and Eringeti areas. In February and March 2014 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Government Forces reportedly launched operations against ADF-NALU in Beni. The UN Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) was expected to support the offensive aimed at neutralizing these rebels, who had been very active in this zone. The Alliance of Democratic Forces is made up of Islamist sects and Ugandan opposition forces, supported by the Government of Sudan, which fought the Government of Uganda.

Formation Date 1996
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Second Congo War 1998-2003 1998 2003 unknown unknown
Allied Democratic Forces insurgency 1996 1996 ongoing unknown unknown