Army of Congress Poland

Army of the Congress Poland refers to the military forces of the Kingdom of Poland that existed in the period 1815–1831.

The army was formed even before the Congress Poland, in 1814, and was based on the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw. Its creation was confirmed by the Constitution of the Congress Kingdom. It took part in the November Uprising against the Russians. The uprising begun when a group of young officers tried, unsuccessfully, to assassinate Grand Duke Constantine. The defeat of the uprising in 1831 marked the end of the existence of a regular Polish army for almost a century. It was abolished with the new constitution of 1832, the Organic Statute of the Kingdom of Poland, which incorporated the army into the Russian Army.

Formation Date 1815
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
November Revolt in Polish Lands of Russia 1830-1831 1830 1831 63000 123000