Navajo Wars 1600-1866

[ 1600 - 1866 ]

The term Navajo Wars covers at least three distinct periods of conflict in the American West: the Navajo against the Spanish (late 1500s through 1821); the Navajo against the Mexican government (1821 through 1848); and the Navajo against the United States (after the 1847-48 Mexican-American War). These conflicts ranged from small-scale raiding to large expeditions mounted by governments into territory controlled by the Navajo. The Navajo Wars also encompass the widespread raiding that took place throughout the period; the Navajo raided other tribes and nearby settlements, who in return raided into Navajo territory, creating a cycle of raiding that perpetuated the conflict.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Navajo people and United States of America 1600 1866 View
Navajo people and Spain 1600 1866 View
Navajo people and Mexico 1600 1866 View
Navajo people and Crown of Castile 1600 1866 View

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