Military History
 Wars of the World
This research project presently documents over 1500 armed conflicts from 1800 to 1999. The study includes major and minor inter-state wars, extra-state warfare, rebellions and revolutions around the globe. Review essays provide essential information about each dispute and guidance for further study. Military history students will find this knowledgebase an invaluable resource for their own research and analysis.
Weapons of War
 Armored Vehicles
Data and images of modern MBTs, light tanks, APCs, armored cars, self-propelled artillery and other combat vehicles in use by armed forces 1946-2005.
World War II
A comprehensive day by day account of military and political events with over 1000 photographs and 2200 pages. 
A collection of maps covering battles and campaigns fought in various theaters.
Detailed technical specifications and scale drawings of hundreds of armored vehicles used by various armed forces. 

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 Military Aircraft
History, specifications and images of military planes of all types service by naval and air forces from 1912 through 2008.
Strategic and tactical missiles of all types in service with armed forces around the world. 
 Infantry Weapons
Small arms used by soldiers in the armed forces. Rifles, machine guns and other 
Providing historical information and data on warship classes serving in navies around the world from 1893 through 2008.
 Articles On War
...military history and international relations
Target Iran: American Options
Published discussions have suggested everything from diplomacy to sanctions to air strikes to a limited ground war to a regime changing war on Iran to prevent its acquisition of nuclear weapons. Even the use of tactical nuclear weapons has not been discounted >>>
Principles of the Gulf War 1990-91
The Gulf War was one of the few wars in history fought specifically over a principle, respect for borders. It was a war fought against the idea of allowing the use of military aggression to resolve a territorial dispute >>>
Women and the Military
To suggest that a statistical variation in upper body strength or the like is all that underlies the historically evident exclusion of women from battle seems rather trite. Evidence of female fighting ability is not enough to overcome the long-standing exclusion of women from battle >>>
Democracies at War?
Whether or not democracies will go to war with other democracies is an intensely debated topic in the study of international relations. Acceptance of this philosophical assertion might have important ramifications for the policies of democratic leaders and the future of warfare >>>

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